Welcome to the Village Voices Website

The Village Voices Voices is a senior choral group founded in 1987 by

Eloise Dahneke. Starting with 22 singers at the first rehearsal, they grew

to group size which varies between 60 and 110 members. We have been

an important part of The Villages Golf and Country Club in San Jose,

California since 1987, providing many social and musical performances

with the best of the best musicians and experienced directors!  All of our events benefit our community and promote a wonderful camaraderie among our members.

                                                               The Village Voices is a part of the Villages Music Society

                                                                which exists as a 501 (c) 3 organization and an

                                                                approved club at The Villages Golf and Country Club in

                                                                San Jose California. Other units include the Villages

                                                                Concert Band, The Villages Handbell Ensemble and the

                                                                Villages Piano Club.  

                                                                The Village Voices rehearses weekly from September to

                                                                June and presents concerts in the Cribari Auditorium.                                                                   They also perform outside the Villages and have toured                                                                 both domestically and internationally.

                                                                We look forward to many years of rewarding                                                                                    experiences and trust that our efforts will meet your                                                                      expectations.

The Village Voices

the villages, san jose CA



Janis Hubbs